About The River Cafe and Bakery

The River Cafe and Bakery is a place for people to come together and enjoy something we all have in common: a desire for good food, good coffee, and good company. We hope you will stop by to share a drink, a bite to eat, or even to simply say hello and become part of our growing, vibrant community.

Helen and Alison of The River Cafe and Bakery in Huntington, MA
Helen and Alison

The pastry case at The River Cafe and Bakery has seasonal, fresh, tempting sweet treats. The goal of all the staff is to make you feel welcome and nourished every time you step through our doors.

The Diner is known for its unique horseshoe shaped bar where locals and strangers alike can chat and get to know each other over the Diner’s popular “bottomless” cups of coffee.

Owners Alison Garcia and Helen Crosby-Garcia are transplants from sunny Los Angeles who just happen to love cold, snowy winters in New England, and don’t get them started about the fall foliage! Both of them come from a long line of bakers, in fact Great Granny Booth’s scones are a featured bakery item. Her scones are also transplants having made their way across the pond from Northern England. Look out for more English treats as the year goes on.


The River Cafe and Bakery opened on March 19, 2016